Bessi Graham

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Bessi  Graham  is a leading practitioner in both impact investment and social enterprise. She is internationally recognised for her work in designing the NAB Impact Investment Readiness Fund; her role as Co- Founder of TDi, Benefit Capital and the Impact Investment Centre; and her tireless advocacy for the role of Investable Social Enterprises (ISEs) in bringing about solutions to societies most pressing challenges.  
Bessi is a sought after speaker and has played a leading role in engaging the social sector on the important topic of outcomes measurement through her work as inaugural Chair of SIMNA, Head Judge of Australia's first Impact Measurement Awards, Chair and facilitator of Australia's leading Measurement Conferences and for Co-authoring the report 'Impact Measurement: Exploring it's role in impact investment' with NAB's Elliot Anderson.  
Bessi  has lead the development and growth of TDi over the last five years from a small pilot project of the donkey wheel foundation to the successful organisation it is today. TDi has worked with thousands of individuals and organisations seeking to develop businesses that combine doing good and making money to create lasting positive change in the world.  
TDi is actively engaged in 10 countries (Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Singapore, Egypt, Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu, and India) and is a leading example of an intermediary driven by practitioners and a deep understanding of what it takes to grow organisations capable of attracting private capital for public good.  
Bessi  has a background in management consulting and training and holds a BA majoring in politics and a MA in International Relations. She has also completed the Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education courses 'Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance' and 'Leadership for the 21st Century: Chaos, Conflict and Courage'. 

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