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Based in Byron Bay, INDIGENOISE are a band made up of Indigenous poets, artists, producers, musicians and practitioners. The five-piece featuring Coedie McCarthy, Minjarrah Jarrett, Roslyn Barnett, Jannali Doncaster and Benjamin Robinson, all who carry mixed ancestry, represent the 4 nations of the earth: red, black, yellow and white people. 

Several of the Indigenoise group members first began to explore their creative potential whilst participating in One Vision Productions’ (OVP) in-school workshops. 

The strong partnership connection OVP has with SAE facilitated a smooth transition for many of the group, from workshops and mentoring with OVP, into tertiary education with SAE.

Now graduates of SAE, and with the ongoing support of OVP in sound and music production, this group of young people are now exceling in their chosen industry. 

One Vision Productions’ Founding Director, Mark Robertson had this to say: ”Over the years OVP has had the privilege of supporting Indigenoise to progress their skills and make their way in the music industry.” 

“Watching and helping them grow has been a pleasure, they are now a successful, internationally recognised band that is turning heads across the globe with their powerful message and presence.” 

“Their talent and skill has been widely recognised and it is an honour to continue our support and endorsement of Indigenoise where ever possible.”

Laura Maclean