Tom Nockolds

Director, Community Power Agency

Tom Nockolds website.png

Tom is a director at Community Power Agency and a volunteer at Pingala. He is passionate about communities being empowered to build their own energy solutions and is a leading expert on the different business models and structures being adopted by the 90 plus community energy groups in Australia.

Community Power Agency believe that the transition to a clean energy future is inevitable and is already well underway. The key questions to be answered are if the transition will happen fast enough to avert a climate catastrophe and if the transition will also deliver the fairness outcomes our communities deserve. Putting communities at the front and centre of our future energy systems will make the transition both faster and fairer.

Pingala provides a financing product for businesses wanting to implement clean energy upgrades. Their innovative approach sources the  funds required to establish the finance product from the very community that the business serves. Known as Community Financing, this approach creates strong links between the business and the community they serve or are embedded within. Pingala’s first customer was the Young Henrys brewery in Sydney’s Inner West. One hundred and fifty local people attended an equity crowdfunding event at the Brewery in 2016, where all the shares were sold in just 9 minutes, financing the installation of 30kW of solar panels at the Brewery.


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