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Join Australia‚Äôs leaders in social impact investing on Thursday 9 May 2019 to get the knowledge, skills and networks you need to become investment ready, increase your readiness capacity and create social change.  

Investing for Good is a platform for organisations, government and investors to come together to explore pathways to financial sustainability and social impact investment. Designed to give you practical takeouts and key industry contacts, I4G helps you build partnerships that create social change and investment returns.

I4G will enhance, nurture and celebrate the successes and journey of the NSW not-for-profit and private sectors in developing mutually beneficial relationships that create long-lasting, positive social impacts.


NCOSS invites you to review the Sponsorship Prospectus and be a part of the 2019 Investing for Good conference.

As a sponsor you will join us to support the capacity and capability of organisations to effectively engage with impact investment and maximise the number of organisations who are impact investment ready! We welcome your engagement.

Discounted Sponsorship Offer:

  • NCOSS NFP Members: 35% discount

  • NFP Non-members: 20% discount

  • NCOSS Members other: 10% discount

For further information, contact:  Susie Saba | susie@ncoss.org.au | 02 8960 7918