Impact investing has incredible potential to help address our most wicked social issues. But the social impact investment market is still developing.

Investors are learning about the opportunities to do good and make a return, government is developing its own capacity to invest in this way, and the community sector is working out how it can take advantage of this new market to do its important work.

Investing for Good is a platform for people, organisations, governments and investors to come together, learn about this emerging market, and learn about each other. It will create a space for discussion, learning, networking and capacity building. It will link people, organisations, investors and funders with each other, and encourage new partnerships that create social change and investment returns.

The Conference

Key leaders and thinkers in the social impact investing area – including NSW Treasurer Hon. Gladys Berejiklian - will speak about their experience, the opportunities and how to overcome the challenges of impact investing. The Conference will be a mix of individual speakers, panels and interviews, and aim to build the knowledge and skills of all players so they can seize opportunities arising from this new market.

The Marketplace

The Investing for Good Marketplace will operate in tandem with the Conference. It will be a huge opportunity for civil society organisations, investors and government to showcase their talent, value and ideas about how to make our society fairer and stronger, and how to develop this market. Community sector, government and investor representatives will be invited to display at the expo, hold workshops and networking events and share information with attendees in a more relaxed atmosphere than the formal Conference.