Alex Martin- Headshot.jpg

Alex is a Director in EY’s Infrastructure Advisory team.  Alex joined EY over 2 years ago, from the UK where she had over 12 years’ experience working at the highest levels of Government, including as policy advisor to Prime Minister Tony Blair.  Alex has significant experience delivering system reform, from strategic policy development to commissioning asset-enabled services, implementation and evaluation.  Alex has led the development and implementation of major Government reforms of public services in both the UK and Australia, the growth of the social investment market and the design, spin out and implementation of new entities to deliver public services.  Both in Australia and in the UK Alex has worked in a range of human services sectors including justice, child protection, disability, immigration, health, welfare and young people, Alex has led thinking oninnovative approaches to the contracting, financing and delivery of human services, involving outcomes based payments, social finance and new partnerships with the NGO and private sector.