Philip Gardner


Philip Gardner is our Deputy Secretary, Commercial, Commissioning & Procurement (CC&P) having joined Treasury as Executive Director, Commercial Transactions in October 2015.  He was appointed to the Deputy Secretary position in May 2017 and in that capacity, he leads the overall CC&P Group which comprises the Transactions, Commercial Assets, Infrastructure and Structured Finance, NSW Procurement, and Commissioning for Outcomes units.  

Phil is chair of the NSW government’s Asset and Liabilities Committee (ALCO), a member of a number of boards and steering committee’s including the TCorp and NSW Telco Authority boards, the NSW Social Impact Investment Expert Advisory Group, the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPAA) NSW Council, and the NSW Leadership Academy steering committee.

Phil has over 27 years’ experience working in capital markets, funds management and superannuation with Macquarie Bank in Sydney, Goldman Sachs in London, Singapore and Sydney, and Sunsuper as a member of their Investment Committee.

Phil has degrees in Law and Economics from the University of Tasmania.

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