Dawn Routledge


Dawn is the Executive Director, Office of the Secretary. She joined DFSI in 2012 and has held a series of leadership roles, mostly in the ICT and Digital Government division and its predecessors. Dawn was appointed temporarily as Government Chief Information and Digital Officer (GCIDO) in February 2018, where she was responsible for building public sector digital capacity and delivering whole of government strategies for ICT, innovation and digital government.  

 Dawn has lived and worked in NSW, the Cayman Islands and the UK. She has worked in most sectors at some time – local government, university, central government, private sector, and charity. Most fascinating organisation – a temporary job many years ago at the BBC World Service. Most inspiring – working more recently for the medical device company Cochlear that helps deaf people to hear. Most diverse – the experiences she has had here at DFSI.  Most far flung – partnering with Transparency International on freedom of information projects in Tanzania and Ghana. 

 In DFSI, Dawn is the executive sponsor of the Young Professionals Network and a member of the DFSI Diversity and Inclusion Council. She is also a member of IPAA – the Institute for Public Administration Australia. 

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