Lindsay Kelly


Chief Executive Officer and Director

Having lived with three generations of family with different disabilities, Lindsay has witnessed best possible living outcomes because of the warm embracement of supports in stable homes.

More than two decades ago whilst a corporate executive, he commenced his involvement as a volunteer in the rapidly growing community housing sector. He became a thought-leader when the sector evolved through accreditation, then registration, and then managing growth. He was a co-author of the 2007 NSW growth strategy for community housing.

During these times Lindsay committed himself to a personal vision of secure housing being one of the most important foundations for the disadvantaged to get back on their feet.

More recently he was a non-executive director and then an executive in the highly respected Link Housing Ltd, a Tier 1 Community Housing Provider in northern Sydney.

The birth of the charity Independent Living Villages Ltd (ILV), resulted from the recognition by the NDIS that purpose-designed homes for people with disabilities was an essential requirement for those with extreme functional impairment and/or requiring very high support needs.

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