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Kathleen (Kath) Begley-Phillips has been an analyst with Queensland Treasury for over 13 years working extensively in the areas of budget development and management across a range of government agencies. 

She is currently the Program Manager for the Social Benefit Bonds Pilot Program (the Program).   The success of a Social Benefit Bond (SBB) is measured by the improvement that it makes for individuals at the heart of the transaction.  This means a shift from focussing on outputs to outcomes. Kath has recently been working with partner agencies to bring together data relevant to the proposed focus areas of re-offending, homelessness and issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.  The virtual data room created for the Program to assist with cohort selection, evaluation and measurement of outcomes is a global first for SBB implementation.

In her time with Queensland Treasury, Kath has been involved with policy development addressing issues across portfolios and industries, ranging from transport through to health services.  Through this work, Kath has worked in partnership with portfolio agencies across large and small capital projects to support improved service delivery for Queenslanders. 

Kath holds bachelor degrees in accountancy from the Queensland University of Technology and international business from Griffith University (with an emphasis on Mandarin-based business).