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Founder and Director of One Vision Productions, Mark Robertson is a highly acclaimed and talented musician, producer and secondary teacher and has built a solid reputation with his teaching methods. Mark's achievements in this field were recognised when he was awarded the 2009 Young Social Pioneer of the Year Award for Innovative projects toward social and educational change, and his work with Indigenous youth earned him national recognition by being one of 20 Australians invited to meet His Royal Highness Prince Harry at Kirribilli house in 2013. Mark was also a Final nominee for 2011 Australian of Year Award and 2014 finalist for New York global citizen’s award.

Mark has managed multimedia workshops for at risk and disengaged Indigenous youth in over 40 remote communities in the Northern Territory and far North Queensland, delivering tangible results and an increased sense of community and social cohesion. The workshops have been delivered internationally throughout the UK and Ireland, and Mark is taking the workshops internationalagain with workshops being delivered in South Africa later in the year.

More recently One Vision Productions has delivered hip hop music, film and movement workshops to youth in Northern New South Wales who were identified as disengaged from social support, education and / or peer support. Working in partnership with NGO's such as NORTEC Youth Services, Life Without Barriers, Solid Mob, Switch and government agencies including local high schools, outreach centres from Distance Education and Box Ridge Mission, One Vision Productions has a proven track record providing targeted programs for at risk youth.

 The workshops One Vision Productions have delivered to date has produced successful musical recordings and dynamic film clips which have been aired on National Radio Stations including JJJ and shown on television shows such as NITV.

OneVisionProductions employs Indigenous artists’ with extensive experience and recognition in the audio/visual field, and secondary education teachers with specific experience supporting the complex social needs of Indigenous Youth.

Mark is regularly engaging in public speaking to build upon collaboration and social change.