Olivia is Manager of The Collective, a model for social change premised on the collective impact framework that facilitates community led initiatives working in complexity through collaboration. The Collective was founded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services in 2012 and was transitioned to NCOSS in 2016. It aims to transform the way we work by bringing resources, tools, partnerships, capacity and capability that empowers local communities working together in genuinely collaborative ways, taking action to solve their own problems, and reducing dependence on government.

Olivia project managed The Search, a project that aimed to discover and highlight the most promising early stage Collective Impact initiatives in Australia. She worked with the Centre for Social Impact and Collaboration for Impact in bringing learning to communities around Australia, of collective impact and collaboration.

As a business and project manager with 20 years’ experience in the corporate, arts and social sectors, Olivia is committed to using her skills and experience to contribute to influencing positive social change and the evolution of a just society.